North Carolina Trio Solve the Homeless Dental Hygiene Problem

Salvadora Persica


Charlotte, NC – Trio embark on a community project to help homeless people in the US reclaim their smiles.

A group of entrepreneurs in North Carolina have joined forces in an effort to end the dental hygiene problem in homeless communities once and for all. The concept is based on the traditional dental practices followed for centuries in countries including Africa and some parts of the Middle East.  The tool is a plant-based antibacterial twig derived from the roots of the salvadora persica tree.  The root is capable of eliminating bacteria that causes tooth decay and can whiten teeth with no need for water or paste. The inaccessibility to running water makes this instrument a viable solution for the less fortunate.

Salvadora persica twigs have abrasive properties that can break down plaque and strengthen tooth enamel, while leaving one’s teeth with a fresh appeal to the breath.  A single twig can reusable for a whole week as the used portions can be peeled away as needed.

The group have set up a crowd funding campaign through YouCaring to raise funds to be used towards purchasing the twig in bulk from salvadora persica farms and delivering them to those in need.  The online campaign is located at